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Jebethu Bhala Pailu (2016) Odia New Album Song [Download]
Indira Aabasa (2016) Odia New Album Song [Download]
Sathia Sathia (2016) Odia New Album Song [Download]
Pathara Hrudaya Tu (2016) Odia New Album Song [Download]
Maa Pari Kie Heba (2016) Odia New Bhajan Album Song [Download]
Paradeshi Bhala Pau Thibu (2016) Odia New Album Song [Download]
Durgati Nasini (2016) Odia New Bhajan Album Song [Download]
Baby 2016 Odia New Movie 2 Origional Songs [Download]
Bhaina Kana kala Se (2016) Odia Movie All origional Songs [Download]
Kalia Nana (2016) Odia Bhajan Album Song [Download]
Mu Sexy Queen (Chhati Tale Ding Dong) Odia New Movie 3rd Song [Download]
Nali Nali Kede Nali (2016) Odia Album Songs [Download]
Blue Dream (2016) Odia Album Songs [Download]
Deide Mate To Mana (2016) Odia Album Songs [Download]
Bada Thakura Odia Bhajan Song [Download]
Hanumaan Chalisha (Prince & Sailabhama) Odia Bhajan Song [Download]
Re Janha (2016) Odia New Album Title Song [Download]
Dj Lalu Mix (Vol.46) Odia Bhajan Song [Download]
Bela patra (2016) Odia Bhajan Song [Download]
Aji Tumo Dandare (Ganesh Prasad ) Odia Bhajan Song [Download]
Tate Mandira Loda(2016) Odia Bhajan Song [Download]
Badmash Manisha (2016) Odia Jatra Songs [Download]
Tu Lajare Sarigalu (2016) Odia New Album Title Song [Download]
Love Birds (2016) Odia New Album All Songs [Download]
Hata Teki Sai Tuma Charane (2016) Odia New Bhaja Album song [Download]
Chhati tale Ding Dong (2016) Odia New Movie 2 Songs [Download]
Love Pain Kuchh Bhi Karega (2016) Odia New Movie All origional Songs [Download]
Bhaina Kan Kala Se (2016) Odia New Movie All Making Songs [Download]
No Love No Tention (2016) Odia New Album All origional Songs [Download]
Malisahi Mira Kahara Nuhen (2016) Odia New Jatra All origional Songs [Download]
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